Termite Control

-Soil poisoning - Treatment of the immediate perimeter of the building or house. A 2% solution is poured to the soil plus termite powder to make the soil repellant, distasteful and poisonous to termite. This will control all surface infestation on the spot and minimize future infestation.

-Wood poisoning – This is achieve either by brushing, painting or spraying of wooden structures with fresh chemical solution. This will control all surface infestation on the spot and minimize future infestation.

-Cement drenching – Spraying of cement walls and surfaces to prevent termite from crawling and building of earthen tubes and passageways.

-Trophallaxis – Treatment of all earthen tubes and passageways to poison the entire colony including the queen termite.

-Mount or Mound Destruction – Expert technicians shall destroy all mounds in the area and catch the queen, if possible.

-Regular Inspections – follow up inspections are essential to ensure that the service done was truly effective. Application of termiticides on the treated areas will be done if necessary with no additional charge.

Pest covered:

-Sub-terranean termite – Species of termites whose colony is under the soil. Queen, king, workers and soldiers are present in a colony. Workers create extensive damages on wooden structures for cellulose, which is their food.

-Drywood termite – Termite whose nests are on wood, some feeding sapwood zone.








Service comes in a form of spraying and misting of fresh chemical solution against all disease-transmitting flying and crawling insects found in the area. This type of service is guaranteed to control the infestation right on the spot with a long residual effect.

Pest covered:

-All types of crawling and flying insects



This covers the control of all species of rodents either by the use of installation of slow or fast acting raticides (chemical) or combination of both.

Pest covered:

-Rats and mice