About Us

In 1984, Mr. Cecilio L. Ereño established Butch Pest Control (BPC) to eliminate the growing infestations of pests, rats and termites on different areas of the community. This made an immense impact on the pest control industry by giving top-notch services and exceeding clients’ requests with affordable prices. His son, Mr. Butch Sundae L. Ereño continued the family’s legacy and changed the business name to Pest Terminators in 2014.

Pest Terminators has attributed to thousands of institutions’ pest-free environment over the years. We pride our organization for getting the PCO accreditation from the Quezon City Health Department which meant adhering to their highest standards and having well-trained technicians who have gone through extensive steps to ensure the developed strategies are suited to extinguish any pest issue whilst remaining environmentally responsible.

For the past three decades, the organization has serviced renowned establishments like Ateneo De Manila University, Baker’s Fair, Barangay San Lorenzo Makati, CEFAM, CENACLE, and F.F. Cruz Company. As one of the most reputable in this industry, we are continuously striving to satiate every place’s hunger to be ridden of pest for a more formative and pleasant environment by bringing creative and ground-breaking ideas to the table.


Our Vision

To become a leading and vibrant company providing an excellent pest control services to our community and throughout the country.


Our Mission

To Our Customers

Pest Terminators is committed to ensure that no establishment will suffer from the wrath that pests, rats and termites could have for a more efficient way of thriving in businesses and communities with cost-effective prices and reliable services.

To Our Employees

Pest Terminators wants to obtain a positive, thriving and honest environment for its employees to promote growth and efficiency which would play an integral part on their characters and how they interact. We also want to make sure that everyone’s well-equipped which entails thorough training to give the best customer service possible.


More Services

We have the expertise in inspection, extermination and eradication of general pests
-Termites, cockroaches and ants
-Rodent, mosquitoes, bees / hornets
-flies and other crawling / flying insects


We also provide

Termite Proofing

-Corrective treatment against subterranean termites
-Soil treatment against subterranean termites